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Silver jewelry

All Eeden jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, which is water resisting. In case your jewelry needs a cleaning we recommend to clean with lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth to make it shine again. 

Gold plated jewelry

The golden jewelry is also made of sterling silver, but is coated in a very thin golden layer. The plating can wear off over time. In order to keep your jewelry at its best we recommend following the care instructions below. 

Our jewelry was made to be loved and worn every day. 

In order to best protect your jewelry and extend its lifetime, we always recommend to:

✔ take it off for showering, bathing or swimming

✔ avoid any contact with perfumes, sprays and lotions

✔ remove your jewelry before sleeping, workout, etc. 


Silver is a soft metal. In case your earring doesn't click well anymore when closing it, we recommend to gently push the small bar up or down with your fingers until it clicks again when closing. This does not damage your earring as silver is a soft metal. 

If you have further questions about taking care of your jewelry, feel free

to write us

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